Editing Detail

What can one edit?

Business documents    Instructional materials

Term papers   Manuscripts  Thesis    Proposal    Dissertation

Research writing  Article publication  Preparing for peer-review

Editing with Tracked Changes

Language Online believes that you must have complete autonomy over all your written work. MSWord’s tracking or tracked changes or mark-up feature gives you this control. You see what changes we've suggested and you can choose to accept changes globally or individually.

  1. An experienced editor will make the needed changes.
  2. You will be able to see your original work and the changes.
  3. This will allow you to accept only certain changes or all the changes.
  4. A clean copy with all the tracking accepted can be requested.
  5. A separate bonus document explaining main concerns of your work will accompany your edit.
  6. See the FAQs (Pdf files section) to download the document that explains how to work with tracked changes and how to work with LOL feedback.

Read below to get a quick sense of what tracking can do.